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The cherry blossom trees in Japan are world famous and magnificent in more ways than one. They are such an integral part of the Japanese culture and each year, we get to experience the significance of these blossoms while viewing, tasting, and celebrating… My family and I were lucky enough to go during spring break this year and caught the tail end of the cherry blossom season which arrived one week early…. Here are a few pics of how ‘sakura’ (cherry blossoms) are infused and woven into the everyday lives of the Japanese…..

From the top : Sakura branches and torii (gate of a shrine) as part of a hotel lobby decoration, Sakura drink, Sakura soft ice cream, and the blossoms as part of a landscape of a national treasure…

Needless to say, the blossoms are stunnng. Products in the stores feature everything and anything pink and Sakura shaped…one can only feel that spring has arrived when these blossoms embrace you.

In our business, cherry blossoms appear on so many of our washi papers…. the craftsmen who design and silkscreen the papers are inspired by seasonal symbols like the sakura. Here are a few packets and a card that I found at one of my favorite stationery stores in Tokyo – ITOYA.

LOVE those cherry blossoms!!