Washi Memo Pad

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My wonderful supplier in Japan sent me some amazing samples of mizuhiki embellishments….they worked with a mizuhiki artisan to create these elements that could be adhered to a notecard. I’m still working on pricing, but we’re hoping they can join our line of products.

I can only work basic knots, so I truly appreciate the art form of these elements and the expertise of the artisans.

Mizuhiki is a Japanese paper cord / craft dated back to the 7th century. It is a strong, thin twine made from ‘washi’, which is made from the inner bark of the kozo, gampi and mitsumata bushes. The cord was used in various ways, from securing the hair in a Japanese samurai topknot, to ornamental uses for gifts. The original colors were only red and white but there are hundreds of shades and textures today. There are mizuhiki ‘sculptures’ in Japan which are beyond amazing. Most artwork is made for celebrations.

For our purposes, however, we introduced it as an accent or accessory to a handmade card. Pretty amazing craft…..

This picture is from one of my favorite Japanese mizuhiki books written by Nana Kikuta.

Here are my attempts at mizuhiki knotting…..I definitely need a lot more practice!