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A Quick Visit to Stores in Tokyo….

Posted on: February 10, 2020

This past trip to Tokyo was quite short, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to visit stores in Tokyo. I did manage to go to my all time favorite, ITOYA, in Ginza and also check out SEKAIDO, a first visit for me.

I think I wrote about ITOYA in a previous blog, but here are my recent purchases from the store…. I always get some of the most beautiful handmade cards using washi at ITOYA, made mostly by a company called Monku House. I think I showed these on the Hanko FB page also….

I just love how they arrange the washi – very simple lines but so elegant….. They embellish with one main element (crane, fan, etc) and use mizuhiki cords to complete the card design. ITOYA is always a must visit for me each time I go – they change their product line to reflect the seasons, and companies that create with washi make it a point to get in and display their products at this store.

The other store that I went to, is called SEKAIDO, in Shinjuku. This is truly a full supply art store, catering to all different types of artists.

If craft supplies is what you are looking for, the selection is limited, but if you are in the market for paint supplies, other fine arts supplies, and writing supplies (calligraphy) SEKAIDO is a jackpot. I managed to peruse the aisles for couple of hours, just to see what was available. Good thing I didn’t need any art supplies….phew….

I really wanted to visit another store called OZUWASHI in Nihonbashi but I just couldn’t squeeze in a visit. This store is suppose to be a washi landmark….they have one hour washi making classes (need to sign up) for about $5. Definitely next time…. If you are in Tokyo and are looking for washi, I hear this is the place to check out….

Just a quick blog this time around….hope you enjoyed it.

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Wow. Now I want to go back to Tokyo.

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